Chairman Message

Twenty years ago, we were three employees working relentlessly in a single office space. But today, it brings me great pride to describe our growth as an investment group that specializes in insurance, reinsurance, corporate solutions and management services with operations running across three continents. 

Our growth and expansion throughout the years has been the direct result of our integrity, passion, and ambition. This coupled with our consistent delivery of quality services and solutions has led to prosperous partnerships with renowned and leading financial institutions, including Chedid Re’s exceptional achievement as a registered LIoyd’s Broker. 

After almost two decades of providing excellence, we continue to capitalize on our resources, experiences and relationships to deliver outstanding results to our clients, produce remarkable returns for our shareholders and offer a bright and exciting future to our people. 

As we continue to meet the growing demand for reliable reinsurance broking, direct insurance broking, insurance risk bearing and consultancy management services across the globe, we remain determined to maintain a perfect synergy of customer-centricity, management expertise, powerful partnerships and innovative products and services. This is what drives and powers our expansion plan to penetrate all developing markets.  

Our determination to constantly hire the best talents and to develop their skills as well as our will to always support the development of the financial sectors in the region we operate in has encouraged us to establish Chedid Academy, an In house academy to cater for more specializations among our teams and to found a Corporate Risk Management Institute (CRMI) in partnership with the renowned IRM London to develop the Risk Management and Corporate Governance cultures in our regions. 

Our primary focus is to add value to our customers, provide a bright future for our people and achieve superior returns to our shareholders; these elements remain a core practice in our working culture. At the same time, we are deeply committed to giving back to the communities we serve through a Corporate Social Responsibility program, which acts as a natural extension of our relentless mission to promote human capital value both inside and outside the organization. 

Our success at Chedid Capital Holding would not be possible without three indispensable pillars: our people, our vision and our dedication to delivering on our promises. With an adaptable approach, a solution-oriented mentality and a young, ambitious and vibrant team, we are ready to meet the demands of tomorrow.

Farid Chedid
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Group Chief Executive Officer​