Momentum Insurance

Momentum Insurance, a company of Chedid Capital, is a Captive Insurance company incorporated in the Cayman Island. Momentum Insurance underwrites insurance and reinsurance businesses in the Middle East, Africa and plans to expand its underwriting capacities globally.
Licensed by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA), Momentum Insurance carries on business within the Cayman Islands s a Class B(iii) insured.
Momentum Insurance is a professional, timeliness, innovative and customer focused underwriter, deriving pricing power and reinsurer of choice status through its superior services and its quality offering.
Momentum Insurance and Chedid Capital are committed to achieving strict corporate governance rules and maintaining a rigorous risk management strategy to all its business aspects and across all departments.

  • Artex Risk Solutions (Cayman) Limited, 3 rd Floor
    Willow House, 171 Elgin Avenue,
    PO Box: 10233, Grand Cayman KYI-1002, Cayman Islands
    Corresponding Office: Chedid Re House, Presidential Palace Avenue, Beirut, Lebanon

    T +961 5 956080