Our Values


At Chedid, delivering our promises remains top priority; we strive to achieve tangible results that almost always exceed our stakeholders’ expectations in the shortest time possible.


We successfully compete and flourish by seeking and acting upon opportunities and possibilities through innovation. We use innovative strategies, invest in state-of-the-art technologies and abide by a progressive philosophy to develop our working culture, adapt to changes and maintain leadership in the developments of our field.


Passion is what fuels our desire to deliver excellence and our passion to learn. This type of enthusiasm is what enables us to go the extra mile and helps us develop innovative solutions for any challenges we may face.


Our corporate culture fosters an inclusive workplace that embraces diversity, values differences and encourages maximum engagement by all employees. We believe that diversity in our team enables a powerful exchange of ideas and experiences, which enriches our performance and give us a leading edge.


We remain focused on our customers and always act towards their best interests. With this, we continue to succeed to go above and beyond by leveraging our knowledge and skills to provide unmatched added value.


We realize the importance and amount of time it takes to build trust. That is why we ensure that our employees adhere to a strong code of ethics, protect the privacy of our customers and avoid any conflicts of interest.


Our solid reputation was built by our commitment to honesty, transparency and professionalism in all of our dealings.


We believe in the notion of leading by example. As a group, we are most powerful when every one of us feels empowered, which is why our employees practice responsible decision-making take full accountability and ownership over their work.


We never take our Shareholders’ confidence in us lightly, which is why we are dedicated to secure above-average returns for our shareholders through profitable growth.